Our perspective is that every organization, no-matter what it’s size or discipline of operation would be wise to be investment no less than 10% of its activity on Data Investment Management if they want to be around for more than a few years.  It’s not just about creating smarter marketing campaigns and better, more personalized customer offers; it’s about survival.

Data Investment Management is about investing in data to make it useful rather than sleepy; it’s about re-using data and re-applying data to utilize it in new ways that probably weren’t on the dance card when the systems holding it were envisioned

Data Management and Analytics Solutions

Russlaw does the foundational work necessary to ensure that clients collect, analyse, and store clean, high quality data.

Garbage in, garbage out. An expression from the earliest days of computing is more relevant than ever as the amount of available data grows. Russlaw has data engineers, modellers, and analysts ready to help you acquire and clean relevant datasets, develop robust data models, and architect scalable analytics environments.

As technologies and methodologies for collecting data evolve, Russlaw helps clients get all the value they can from today’s data while enabling tomorrow’s solutions. Our data cleansing, ETL (extract, transform, load), and data warehousing specialists lay the groundwork to leverage the data you already have for business insights and improved decision making.

Russlaw combines subject matter expertise with data analytics to translate raw data into the answers to our client’s toughest challenges.

We convert data into insights, insights into action. With fluency in modern statistical models, geospatial analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we use your clean, high quality data to inform actionable and transparent intelligence.

Russlaw’s data scientists, statisticians, and developers are part of the wave of innovation that is helping clients simplify and summarize data as much as possible to extract meaning that supports better decision-making.

Research and Evaluation

Russlaw offers leadership and practical assistance in research, data collection, and all types of program evaluation, often in complex environments in Southern Africa and spanning a wide variety of issue areas. You can rely on Russlaw to efficiently design, execute, and disseminate results from research and evaluation to enable the address of toughest challenges. Russlaw offers a full suite of innovative and flexible methodologies and has particular expertise in applying these methods creatively to match the specific need and audience. We help clients develop measurable indicators, rigorous information collection, insightful performance analysis, and program effectiveness to drive informed decisions on issues that matter profoundly to their success.

Other Services

Sometimes you may have commissioned a survey research to another organisation or you are doing it in-house, we strongly recommend to have an independent consultant for data quality checks.

Our independent quality control services are unique as they touch on every aspect and every actor in a project. We gather intelligence that is vital for the success of a project, by success we mean gathering truthful and authentic data because a project can be viewed as a success when it coincidentally represent what’s on the ground when the data itself is not authentic.

Our motto to quality is: Don’t trust yourself or even your business partner which means there is need for an independent quality evaluator.

Our independent checks are not to victimise but to quickly limit damage by taking corrective measures immediately.

Now our quality control services touch the following essential, often ignored points on top of usual areas but not limited to:

  • Overall organisation of management because quality results are affected easily when top management is not organised.
  • If the recruited staff truly represents what was proposed and regular staffing updates.
  • Motivation level of staff.
  • Overall organisation of the client and check activities that can affect overall process quality.
  • Adherence of the contractor to written contracts eg, paying field staff in time or putting adequate resources for fieldwork.
  • Gathering peer to peer intelligence on truthfulness of data being collected by each enumerator
  • Providing Continuous training to stakeholders on improving process quality.
  • We examine the participants if they are now fit for the actual execution of the assignment.
  • We check communication flow, as it is very essential.
  • We check history of field staff before actual execution of the assignment to aid on how to handle them.
  • On top of that we do extensive data quality checks and do instant training on areas of concern. We have a highly skilled team of data managers who can work hard to make sure data quality issue are reduced.

A data can come out clean when not truthful because of the routines that guard noisy data but we can dictate truthful interviews easily and take necessary measures to limit the damage that’s why we look on many quality facets.

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