With solar energy in demand over recent years it makes perfect sense for businesses and households to embrace solar systems. Those looking to consistently save money can benefit from a solar installation making our need to depend on fossil fuels significantly less. We provide hands-on customer service from planning right through to commissioning.

With Solar photovoltaic system technology evolving and as growth continues worldwide for renewable generation alternatives, solar and other forms of renewables will continue to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.Whether its a household, small business or a large business we know by using Solar our Clients see immediate reductions in energy costs, benefiting from generous ROI & meeting sustainably commitments. Russlaw offer a full turnkey solution from Project management, design, performance calculations, modelling, planning, installation and commissioning.

What we offer

Roof Mount Solar Power Systems

Roof mount solar power systems are a popular choice for municipal governments, commercial and industrial facilities, school systems and universities. Building rooftops are an often overlooked space with enough room for large solar arrays.

Depending on the available roof area and your usage profile, you may be able to generate 100% of the energy you need through solar power. In some locations, excess power can be sold back to the electrical grid, potentially turning rooftops into revenue.

Rooftop solar systems can be mounted using ballasts, which do not disturb the roof surface, or traditional rooftop mounting systems.


  • A low-cost, proven and common way to tap solar power
  • Choice of installation options, including no-penetration ballasted mounts
  • Revenue generation from under-used roof areas

Solar Canopies

Carport solar canopies offer numerous benefits to public and private organizations that have large parking lots, including commercial properties, colleges and universities, sports stadiums and manufacturing facilities. Facility owners gain a source of clean, low-cost energy and high awareness of their commitment to solar power.

Solar canopies can be built at ground level, in elevated locations or on rooftops and can create covered walkways as well as carports. These canopies use space efficiently and effectively, without taking away other needed real estate.

Our experienced engineers can custom design a system to your exact specifications and budget needs. Russlaw also offers several financing options, that can eliminate up-front costs. With complete design, build, maintain and operate capabilities, Energies Unlimited can create a system that gives your organization all of the benefits of solar power without additional maintenance or staff.


  • Efficient use of space that does not occupy real estate
  • Design options to fit all budgets.

Remote and off-grid solar power systems and storage

Off-grid solar systems offer a world of new energy opportunities in places where traditional power lines are too impractical or too expensive. Energies Unlimited is one of Zimbabwe’s leading solar companies in engineering, building and maintaining off-grid solutions.

Off-Grid Solar: Power Where You Need It

Highly efficient off-grid solar systems allow energy generation in any location with sufficient sunlight. Off-grid solar provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance, reliable solution for many applications, including– •

1.Highway Infrastructure:
Illuminated signage, motorist aid call boxes and street lighting can all be powered without the expense of installing and maintaining power lines.

2.Emergency Power:

Self-contained solar energy systems offer a dependable alternative and supplement to diesel generators.

Deliver power to remote sites and reduce high infrastructure costs for network growth.

4.Ranches, Reservations and Remote Locations:

Add water pumps, lighting and remote power outlets without diesel generator emissions and noise.

Russlaw continues to find creative and innovative ways of using storage for on-site resiliency as well as for grid benefits when sold to grid operators. Resiliency is at the forefront of mind with climate change. Energies Unlimited offers a variety of innovative, comprehensive, renewable solutions to meet customer requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Solar Panels Reduce My Electric Bill?

Solar panels are an intelligent investment that has a positive impact on everyone involved. Installing solar on your commercial building means previous electricity rates that have stopped you from putting money into the right areas will be a problem of the past. As any businesses big or small hope to save money whilst growing as a company, having to think about how much your electricity bill is going to cost each month is something that’s not only preventing potential earnings in other places but becomes a common annoyance. Solar allows you to take control of your business and spend your money how you want to, by using electricity sourced from natural energy on a day to day basis should not only make you feel better about your everyday lifestyle choices but will also cut your electricity bills down each month by up to half as much.

Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Solar panels need to be installed carefully by professionals who know the ins and outs of solar roofs. Ensuring your roof installation goes smoothly and the roof is not damaged by the installation means using trusted and experienced installers with a good reputation. On the rare occasion, a roof is damaged it’s likely that the roof was in bad condition to start with rather than the solar panels causing damage to the roof. In conclusion, installations that are carried out by experts who deliver top-quality installs shouldn’t cause any problems to a building’s roof.

Do Solar Panels Need Servicing?

Solar panels require little maintenance especially in the winter when bad weather conditions mean the panels often clean themselves without the need to have to pay for engineers to come out and maintain them. In the summer more work may be needed to keep the panels up to standard because the dry weather means the panels have little rain so are unable to stay clean and can therefore, get quite dirty and not look as appealing. Signing up to our maintenance package means you’ll pay a fixed rate for the entire year and for that get your panels annually cleaned, inspected and kept up to date to guarantee high panel efficiency.

Regular maintenance checks are especially beneficial for larger commercial solar systems because it ensures the system is operating properly with no underlying issues. Something important to regularly check with large systems because if something does go wrong it can impact the business on a large scale. If your solar panels are installed on a flat roof, they’ll need regular cleans anyway because unlike solar panels installed on a slanted array that clean themselves when rain runs down, panels on a flat roof are unable to stay clean as easy. Solar panel servicing means any potential problems can be terminated before they become any bigger and affect the functionality of the system.

How Long Does It Take For Solar Panels To Pay For Themselves?

Solar panels are a great investment for any business, wanting to grow, whilst saving money at the same time. With commercial solar panels, the payback time can vary because the systems can differ so much in size from as little as 10kw to as large as 250 kW with paybacks of between 8 and 12 years on average.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My Business?

There is no definitive answer to this you can only be advised as to what could be suitable however, your business may need more or fewer panels depending on the size of your business, the amount of electricity your business consumes on average, the industry of your business and the amount of panels your roof can hold. These are all deciding factors of your system’s size. For instance a manufacturing business is likely to use a lot more electricity than a law firm would, however the size of a business will also affect the amount of electrics used. Larger businesses with more staff are likely to use a greater amount of electricity than a business that has less staff. Before evaluating how many panels your business needs you’ll need to calculate how many panels your roof can have on it first.

How Much Do Commercial Solar Panels Cost?

Commercial solar panel systems can range anywhere from USD8,000 to USD100,000 + for larger kW systems depending on the size you anticipate getting. Anybody who knows anything about solar systems will know its virtually impossible to put an exact price on the cost of one before receiving the right details because each system varies such a significant amount. From the type of panels used, to the system size and what type of system it is. These factors can all make the cost of your system go up or down. Before any prices are given out you’ll need to give your installers the required details so the estimated system cost can be accurately calculated.

What Happens To Solar Panels After 20 years?

Photovoltaic solar panels often include a warranty of 20-25 years however, various solar customers have made use of their solar panels long after the warrantied time has finished. Solar panels have an average deficiency of around 0.5%-1% every year which would mean after 20 years your panels would still be over 80% efficient. Over time solar panels become slightly less effective and degrade over a period of time however, this doesn’t mean that after 20 years your panels are going to stop working by any means but does however, mean you’re guaranteed panel period is no longer valid.

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