We look at key decisions that are driving the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings, electricity, industrial, and transportation markets etc. For these markets, the analysis identifies opportunities to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices.
Our analysis attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the current markets that energy programs are addressing and what impacts are they having on these markets?
  2. What are the markets and segments within each market that hold the most potential for each energy deployment?
  3. What are the major barriers for each of the markets and segments?
  4. Who are the key customers and decision makers in each market and market segment, and what needs do they have for information or assistance.
  5. Who are the other key actors in each market and market segment, what activities are they pursuing, and what opportunities exist for government to leverage resources and capabilities with these players?

We also use a common structure and format for the sectoral analyses
for each of the target sectors like buildings, clean energy, industry, and transportation.

We compile data and develop from existing information sources, including:

  1. Total energy use in the sector
  2. Energy use by major groups of energy users
  3. Current levels of technology penetration and energy-savings technical potential
  4. Market drivers and barriers
  5. Key market actors and stakeholders
  6. Investments in the sector
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