Russlaw helps clients ground survey results in valid data by designing survey questions that are understood as intended and work consistently across data collection platforms.

Well-designed survey instruments underpin any successful research project. Russlaw works closely with each client to develop respondent-friendly instruments that encourage accurate responses. We know how to reduce cognitive stress by offering instructions when needed and creating logical navigation. And we never let a questionnaire go live without thorough testing and piloting.

Always mindful of the client’s overarching research goals, our instrument design experts construct simple, clear, and purposeful questions. We can translate into multiple languages and design for a consistent experience across modes.

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As survey research evolves,Russlaw can apply its decades of experience to ensure that the fundamentals are not lost. For sensitive topics like health and personal behavior, a mode-agnostic approach is especially important for improving response rates and data quality, offering respondents the freedom to answer in the format most comfortable for them.

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