Russlaw maximizes response rates and data quality with comprehensive, in-house survey design and sampling services using traditional and emerging data collection methods.

Survey research is much more than collecting data. Surveys that produce high quality results are designed and tested by experts like Russlaw’s survey teams, which include top-level statisticians, methodologists, analysts, and consultants with decades of hands-on experience.

Russlaw’s teams combine the best of theory and practice to address challenges on a local, national, or global scale. Our design approach maximizes survey response rates and minimizes coverage, selection, and measurement errors, increasing your confidence in our results.

Actionable and fit-for-purpose design includes strategic consultation on probability vs. non-probability methodologies and development of survey instruments that are easy-to-use and tested for accuracy. Data collection planning considers multiple modes, applied individually or as hybrid solutions that integrate in-person, mail, telephone, web, and mobile devices, as necessary.

We draw on our significant experience targeting hard-to-reach populations for sampling designs that meet clients’ goals for representativeness, efficiency, and cost. Our experts can:

  • Design, construct and verify sampling frames
  • Select valid samples, including Random Digit Dial samples or combined cell phone and landline samples
  • Compute sampling weights and prepare analytic datasets
  • Clean data, deriving computed variables, and coding domain variables

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